Critical Infrastructure

Detects and locates, even in urban areas where there are many competing RF signals.


What if a drone flew into a perimeter fence? Or broadcast loud sounds of gunfire or explosions to create a distraction? It could cause crucial response team delays. Then there’s the threat of cyberattack by drone. Saudi Aramco has reported an increase in attempted cyberattacks since the 2019 drone attack that halved their oil output. It’s only a matter of time before this threat vector becomes more popular.

Also, some hobbyist pilots don’t take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and guidelines for recreational flyers seriously and it has lead to many incidents in which drones have either damaged property or caused serious public safety concerns.

factory; critical infrastructure; security system


Locate the Drone and Pilot. AirWarden detects drones as they enter your airspace
and locates both the drone and the pilot/controller simultaneously.

Alert the Appropriate Personnel. Once detected, alerts are sent to security
personnel via command console, text, or email. Alerts are configurable based on
role and type. They can also be sent to local law enforcement for a coordinated
response. Any information AirWarden derives locally from a facility deployment
can be automatically sent to a fusion/dispatch center.

Review Detection Events. Drone detection isn’t just useful for immediate response.
Replays of a detection event can also show you the best places to look for
evidence to help build your case.Users with access to reporting functionality can
easily select and download information about a specific detection event, any
number of detection events, and a summary of all devices detected. Users can also
create an incident report of multiple detections with only a few clicks.

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