Airport safety is a huge concern. Disruptions to commercial air operations can cost millions… in a single day.


Airport safety is a huge concern. Disruptions to commercial air operations can cost millions… in a single day. They disrupt scheduled service causing cancelled flights and seriously inconveniencing travelers. A single drone incident at Gatwick Airport in London resulted in the loss of somewhere between $25-60M and cancelled flights for up to 160,000 passengers in December 2018.

What if a drone were to impact an aircraft during the most critical phases of flight, take-off or landing? In addition to the physical damage to the aircraft, the potential for loss of life creates risks that be ignored.

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Locate the Drone and Pilot. Using passive RF detection and proprietary algorithms, AirWarden detects drones as they enter your airspace, locating both the drone and the pilot/controller simultaneously.

Proven Effective in High RF Environments. The system can detect and locate, even in areas where there are many competing RF signals including radar and a variety of navigational aids.

Alert the Appropriate Personnel. Once detected, alerts are sent to security personnel via command console, text, or email. Alerts are configurable based on role and type. They can also be sent to local security forces for a coordinated response. Any information AirWarden derives locally from a facility deployment can be automatically sent to a fusion/command center.

In addition, security patrol vehicles, both on land and water, can be equipped with mobile AirWarden sensors. Mobile sensors have the ability to operate stand-alone or they can join a stationary sensor network.

Review Detection Events. Drone detection isn’t just useful for immediate response. Replays of a detection event can also show you the best places to look for vulnerabilities to help improve your overall security. Users with access to reporting functionality can easily select and download information about a specific detection event, any number of detection events, and a summary of all devices detected. Users can also create an incident report of multiple detections with only a few clicks.

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