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Question: I have little tiny green worms on my tree and the leaves have many holes in them. What should I do?

Answer: The worm is likely Winter Moth. It is named because they mate in December and January. The males can often be seen flying in great numbers on warm nights in early winter. The flightless females lay eggs on the branches of host plants and as the buds of the plants begin to swell in the spring the little worms bore into the buds and begin to eat right away. Often the emerging leaves are damages with holes. The critters continue to eat into mid-spring.

 Control is best applied just as the worms emerge, but the little worms are hard to see without a magnifier of about 10 power. Use an insecticide containing spinosad which is an organic control for the worms. An application after the buds open will be of great help to minimize the damage even if you miss the early one. 

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